Myteeshirtpalace-Lacrosse face mask 2020 #quarantined shirt

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While the Myteeshirtpalace-Lacrosse face mask 2020 #quarantined shirt pandemic has kept salons closed and would-be clients committing to #stayhome, maintaining dyed hair has become an at-home activity. While there’s much you can do to preserve your color, to start, the latest crop of DIY dye kits will help conquer gray streaks, dark roots and brassy blonde hues. For expert advice, the best first move is to schedule a virtual appointment with your colorist, but there are also some immediate answers for those who need to take matters into their own hands. “If you have to do something, keep it really simple,” says New York City-based colorist Rachel Bodt, who’s the pro behind the brilliant strands of Marisa Tomei and Georgia May Jagger, among others. Here, she shares more tips to tide you over until the salon reopens.

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